Human history

has been a steady process of de-Sapienisation
through social and tribal stratification.

Once knowledge became associated with excess,
and subsequently wealth and power,

and it was realised that the ownership and protection
of technological know-how was a necessary means
of maintaining that excess,

then humanity lost touch with all possibilities
of identifying itself as a species

and became a prisoner to the man-eat-man scenario
of the stratified species, divided by casts or race,
culture or nationality,

and measured according to
possessions or accumulations,
or simply, after its invention,
by the quantity of money one possessed
or was empowered to obtain.

Through categorising and measuring,
humanity has lost touch with its essence
and, in even greater terms, with its destiny.

Knowledge has become a peripheral aim.
Knowledge has lost its primary position in Human-Sapiens
identity to become just another tool that can be used to gain advantages
in the competitive struggle for excess

and the will to be measured highly
in the economic society of modern civilisation.

For the homo-economicus the idea of freedom
means being able to maintain a control of one’s life
and keep oneself afloat as comfortably as possible
upon the competitive waters of the excess-fuelled,
money-edified civilisation.

In order to do this, the majority are willing to sacrifice
other more Human-Sapiens freedoms such as the freedom
to obtain knowledge or the freedom to be granted the power
to use any acquired knowledge creatively and productively
in the arts and sciences.

Instead, intellectual freedom
is a victim to a desire by Excess to capitalise
the ownership of innovation and ensure, through copyrighting,
that profits made from artistic and technological innovations
are channelled upward into the sphere of wealth and power.

In this way, it can be seen how the oppression of knowledge
is predominantly a political problem.

A problem that will never be overcome
until the idea that wealth is a sovereign power
that must produce privilege,
even within democracies,
is tackled head-on

by democratic societies
in order to be transcended.


paul adkin

thanks a lot for creating this visualisation !
it makes it much clearer to every one >
I hope > in what we are saying ...

now ... lets get through this >

I can under stand any of this pest
they are just competing with was is wanted
so ofcource >

I can not preserve this pest
because they are a danger to all this universe
because of this I could not possibly appreciate
so I can not have any love for them
because they are not only >

not worthy of it
but just being a pest >
destroying every thing >  the environment >
every homo sapiens

just dragging them into their destruction
so we will have to destroy them to making
the universe save again

 now ... when we are looking at a homo sapiens world

 star peace

I can fully appreciate them

so I will ... with all our might preserve them
because I under stand them fully

because I can love them
I would not know ... what to do with out them

 I hope you can under stand this as well ....

galactic foundation